Iron Witch split 7"

by The Atrocity Exhibit



Iron Witch - Her Cheating Heart 6:42
The Atrocity Exhibit - Throne Of Bile 6:02

Iron Witch, the reigning kings of UK sludge, team up with the magnificently bearded grindcore/sludge berserkers The Atrocity Exhibit for this 7" split of pure audio carnage. 1 track each, both 6 minutes long, both designed to make your brain leak out through your nostrils such is the sheer force of the music contained within these grooves. The Atrocity Exhibit swerve the use of blistering speed sometimes shown in their past work and instead spit out the snail-paced 'Throne Of Bile', a masterclass in tension-filled suffering; a track rippling with a violent, unpredictable swagger that's constantly threatening to explode in your face. Iron Witch offer no respite, with 'Her Cheating Heart' being perhaps their best song yet; a track of such colossal heaviness and down-tuned, down-beat, forceful depression that's it's like having your face forced down into the muck that lines the banks of the Mersey. With both bands on such rampantly aggressive form, this is without a doubt the ugliest 7" to crawl its way out of the UK this year.

Iron Witch track was recorded by Bri and Devo Doom at the 1in12 Studio, Bradford, in September 2013

The Atrocity Exhibit track was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ian Boult at Stuck On A Name Studios, Nottingham, in July 2012

A joint release between Dead Chemists and Witch Hunter Records, this split 7" is limited to 500 copies, on none more black vinyl, and comes with a 4 panel gatefold sleeve, with artwork & layout by James Caygill


released October 31, 2013

Vox/guitar: James Caygill
Drums/vox: Danny Curtis
Guitar: Lee Kidman
Bass: Fuzzy Dave

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Boulty @ Stuck On A Name Studios, July 2012.



all rights reserved


The Atrocity Exhibit Northampton, UK

THE ATROCITY EXHIBIT are a grindcore/sludge/crust band from Northampton and Milton Keynes, England.

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Track Name: Throne Of Bile
Delayed severance dealt by stoic blade.
Apathy's residue, secreted like pus.
She bleeds a weathered web, across your face.

No blood, no knife.

Slave to the shade,
A kindred to procrastinate sangui.
Discarded beneath the waves.

Sedate, carbonite,
Six hour neglect.

Her ice pick to my frozen arms.

Even with a gun to your head,
You're still submerged in your lethargy,
Pointing your fucking finger,
Sitting atop your throne of bile.

Judgment has arrived,
Purge the unclean.
This is your fucking apocalypse.
Burn, heretic.